Yahoo’s Way Up?

A great interview with Yahoo’s Head of the Americas, Ned Brody, appears in Ad Age this week.

Over the past few years, Yahoo has been in the news a lot. From high profile acquisitions, to Marissa Mayer taking over as CEO, to “work-from-home” employees ordered back to Yahoo’s offices, the company has provided no shortage of material for water cooler discussions and classroom interactions.

Now, the company looks to the Microsite model – using the recently acquired microblog site Tumblr – to reestablish its brand and appeal to a whole new generation of digital consumers. This type of “native advertising” will ideally allow companies to utilize Yahoo’s creative team to custom design layouts and then drive traffic to these microsites. More information and pictures, as well as the interview, can be found here –

Yahoo’s Ned Brody Touts Tumblr-Powered Ads, Microsites For Brands

Can Yahoo claw its way back? We know, that’s a slightly relative question for a company worth billions. But with so many new players in the market and disruptive practices on the rise, can Yahoo convince companies and marketers that this partnership can still deliver the most traffic and impressions for their products and services?