Category: Chapter 14 – Personal Selling and Direct Marketing

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Building Brand Loyalty: Not to Be Overlooked

In modern marketing strategy, a large focus is placed on acquiring new customers. In fact, a recent research survey showed that 72% of small businesses planned to use the majority of their marketing budget to try to attract new customers as opposed to marketing new benefits and products to their existing customers1. However, expanding a company’s customer base does not always equate to business growth. Recent studies have shown that building loyalty with existing customers is equally important, as existing customers tend to be more profitable.

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The Balance Between Data and Privacy: A Fine Line for Digital Marketers 

One of the most powerful entities for a marketing department is data. For a business, having data on their customers and their prospective buying habits can impact how the business markets their products and services. Today, the constant advancements in technology have made it easier for companies to collect large amounts of data ranging from customer demographics to customer satisfaction.