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Performance Marketing: What is it, and Why does everyone need it?

As the marketing field continues to evolve, one key component has exponentially increased in value and necessity: digital marketing. More specifically, implementing data analytics in concert with digital marketing is essential for understanding and improving upon advertising and promotion strategies, campaigns, budgets, and more. An integral part of this developing world of digital marketing, performance marketing involves measuring the success of paid campaigns.

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When Endorsements Go Wrong

Celebrities can attract new customers, boost sales, and be iconic in advertising campaigns. With increased importance placed on social media marketing, endorsements can also come from smaller scale stars like Instagram influencers. Consumers will buy a product or service because their favorite influencer raves about it on Tik Tok or to support their favorite actress’s new product line, regardless of the celebrity’s actual involvement in product creation. [i] Despite the enormous benefits to celebrity and influencer endorsements, marketers face equally great risks to partnering their brand or product with an individual. Scandal and controversy are difficult to predict and can damage a company’s reputation and sales.

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Shifting Tastes in the World of Wine

While there are often strict regulations surrounding the sale of liquor, beer and wine sales are more lenient. That’s an entire audience of consumers who might prefer higher alcohol content and the accompanying burn but who cannot purchase their drinks of choice as easily as they might purchase a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer.

Many wineries have begun to capitalize on this, repositioning themselves through product and process alterations. How? They’re aging their wines in spirit barrels.