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The Grande Escape

Taco Bell’s latest advertisement campaign pokes fun at market leader and competitor McDonald’s. The ad features singer Doja Cat escaping from a clown school whose ice cream machines are broken. Sound familiar? Using comparative advertising, influencer and social media marketing, and rewards program incentives, Taco Bell’s recent ad campaign not so subtly asserts their superiority over the fast-food leader plagued by broken ice cream machines.

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When Endorsements Go Wrong

Celebrities can attract new customers, boost sales, and be iconic in advertising campaigns. With increased importance placed on social media marketing, endorsements can also come from smaller scale stars like Instagram influencers. Consumers will buy a product or service because their favorite influencer raves about it on Tik Tok or to support their favorite actress’s new product line, regardless of the celebrity’s actual involvement in product creation. [i] Despite the enormous benefits to celebrity and influencer endorsements, marketers face equally great risks to partnering their brand or product with an individual. Scandal and controversy are difficult to predict and can damage a company’s reputation and sales.

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Time is Ticking for TikTok

For many months now, TikTok has become the darling of the American public, logging more than 315 million installs in the first quarter of 2020 – not to mention the millions of installs since the initiation of mandated lockdowns. Many companies have tried to reach large follower bases on TikTok by paying creators to use specific songs, wear branded clothing, and directly promote products in their videos, but President Trump has issued an executive order banning the app in the US unless it is bought out by an American company. So, what happens to the community now that the platform may be disappearing in just a short month?