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Understanding Global Marketing

International expansion is a tricky path to navigate for even the world’s largest brands, requiring inconceivable amounts of time and resources to achieve, and despite their efforts many companies are still not successful. This can happen for a variety of reasons, anything from lack of sufficient market research to inadequate management style. Even the most experienced companies may struggle to develop a foothold in foreign markets. In marketing this is called the global experience learning curve: a process of developing multinational business expertise over time.

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What Does It Take to be a CMO?

The role of chief marketing officer is a juggling act of managing employees, understanding fast-paced socioeconomic, political, and technological changes, and driving measurable contributions to company profit, among other responsibilities that can affect a firm and its relationship with customers. This position provides leadership to marketing teams as well as strategic marketing direction for an entire firm. CMOs are always adapting, a trend that will likely continue into the future.

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Free Services! Low Prices! … Kind Of

Advertising can pose a challenge to marketers. On one side, they want to present their products and services in the best light to appeal to customers. On the other, high prices or flaws in quality may be an unappealing aspect of their products and services, causing potential customers to choose competitors instead. Marketers have to balance highlighting best qualities in order to attract customers and being honest about the realistic – and possibly negative – features of products and services. Because of this, some marketers fall into a trap of false or deceptive advertising.

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The Subscription Bandwagon

The relationship between brand and customer relies on the value that brands create. And marketers are always looking for ways to prove that their products and services are valuable enough to purchase. What do customers gain from my brand, and how can I show them we are worth the investment? Subscriptions allow brands to provide customers with their products and services on a regular payment and delivery schedule. Newspaper deliveries or streaming services like Netflix might come to mind when you think of subscriptions. But really, everyone from airlines to social media platforms are giving subscriptions a try.

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Service, Service, Service

Service is more prominent than ever. With more than 80% of jobs in the United States related to the service industry, quality of service is impossible to ignore. However, most companies struggle to strike a balance between service quality and cost with some notable exceptions. Known for both impeccable service and cost-effective strategies, Singapore Airlines and Southwest Airlines have discovered the secret to keeping customers happy with a sustainable cost structure.

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When Endorsements Go Wrong

Celebrities can attract new customers, boost sales, and be iconic in advertising campaigns. With increased importance placed on social media marketing, endorsements can also come from smaller scale stars like Instagram influencers. Consumers will buy a product or service because their favorite influencer raves about it on Tik Tok or to support their favorite actress’s new product line, regardless of the celebrity’s actual involvement in product creation. [i] Despite the enormous benefits to celebrity and influencer endorsements, marketers face equally great risks to partnering their brand or product with an individual. Scandal and controversy are difficult to predict and can damage a company’s reputation and sales.

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Two women holding hands, one with a rainbow pride flag painted on her arm

Pride Month Steps Up Its Game

Pride month this year looks a little different. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many celebrations have been postponed or even cancelled. Because of this, the LGBTQ+ community has had to find other ways to show their pride – something many of them are doing with their pocketbooks. Pride month offers a unique study into just how imperative it is for companies to take on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

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Coca Cola glass bottle tops

A Coke is a Coke is a Coke

Mexican Coke, sometimes called “Mexi-Coke,” has become somewhat of a phenomenon in the United States. So, what makes Mexican Coke so much different than the fizzy drink bottled here? There are a few potential explanations, but the most popular explanations are the use of sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and the return to the traditional glass Coke bottle.