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Flavors & Layers: Lessons from Lay’s

From fat-free chips to flavor contests, market research has both failed and supported the well-known potato chip brand, Lay’s, in their product development process. The Wow! “healthy” chip disaster shows that promising market tests don’t always spell success. Crowdsourcing campaigns, while beneficial for increasing customer engagement and boosting short-term revenue streams, can provide inaccurate insight into long-term consumer preferences. This year, Lay’s has released a new product line, Lay’s Layers, but only in two flavors presumably as a large-scale market test for their brand-new chip design.

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A Perfectly Packaged Pint

Known for their tradition and scientific method to pouring the perfect pint, Guinness has mastered product differentiation and strategy. The successful brand originating from Ireland operates globally, brewed in over 60 countries and available in over 150. With a diverse range of products, packaging, and labelling, Guinness sets an example to marketing managers promoting consumer products internationally. By adjusting their products to suit the trends and preferences of different markets, Guinness has been able to appeal to a variety of consumer tastes for over 260 years.

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Saving Lives: Your Watch is Smarter Than You Think

Wearable tech, such as smartwatches, Fitbits, and Oura rings, were already gaining traction as medical monitors even prior to the pandemic. When the pandemic bloomed across the globe, wearable tech as a medical monitor took on a new urgency. The US Navy wants to use wearable tech to monitor social distancing – and they’re not the only ones either; many companies have already launched systems incorporating wearable tech to aid with social distancing in the workplace.