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Understanding Global Marketing

International expansion is a tricky path to navigate for even the world’s largest brands, requiring inconceivable amounts of time and resources to achieve, and despite their efforts many companies are still not successful. This can happen for a variety of reasons, anything from lack of sufficient market research to inadequate management style. Even the most experienced companies may struggle to develop a foothold in foreign markets. In marketing this is called the global experience learning curve: a process of developing multinational business expertise over time.

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Promotion Essentials: Content & Influencer Marketing

Influencers can be an integral part of marketing strategy, particularly for firms selling consumer products, but even B2B firms have successfully used influencer marketing to appeal to customers. When firms use influencers, they often showcase relevant product or service content through concise social media posts, videos, advertisements, or blogs. One of the best ways to inform customers about and promote products and services online is through a mix of influencer marketing and content marketing.

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Free Services! Low Prices! … Kind Of

Advertising can pose a challenge to marketers. On one side, they want to present their products and services in the best light to appeal to customers. On the other, high prices or flaws in quality may be an unappealing aspect of their products and services, causing potential customers to choose competitors instead. Marketers have to balance highlighting best qualities in order to attract customers and being honest about the realistic – and possibly negative – features of products and services. Because of this, some marketers fall into a trap of false or deceptive advertising.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Every year marketers and customers alike prepare for the largest advertising event in the United States: The Super Bowl. The famous sports event provides a unique mass marketing opportunity to utilize television advertisements to promote everything from chips to cars. This weekend is Super Bowl LVI, and everyone is wondering which of the multimillion-dollar commercials will flop and which will triumph. But why do companies willing spend huge portions of their marketing budgets for a 30-second ad? Super Bowl Sunday is the one time of year that people actually turn on the TV just to watch commercials.

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Rewarding Loyalty

Fetch Rewards is a company that allows users to earn rewards back on their purchases from several companies, eliminating the need to participate in brand-specific rewards programs. In exchange for a partnership with Fetch Rewards, companies can gain access to certain user data. User data analytics allows companies to strategically target customers based on their purchasing habits and favorite rewards, among other usage metrics. Would you give up data on your spending preferences for appealing rewards and personalized advertisements from your favorite brands?

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A Perfectly Packaged Pint

Known for their tradition and scientific method to pouring the perfect pint, Guinness has mastered product differentiation and strategy. The successful brand originating from Ireland operates globally, brewed in over 60 countries and available in over 150. With a diverse range of products, packaging, and labelling, Guinness sets an example to marketing managers promoting consumer products internationally. By adjusting their products to suit the trends and preferences of different markets, Guinness has been able to appeal to a variety of consumer tastes for over 260 years.

The Benefits of an Aligned Sales and Marketing Department

The most effective practice a business can conduct is to bring its marketing and sales teams together. Through defining a unified process for each point of contact with customers, as well as the processes that guide customers throughout their journey, a company delivers a smoother customer experience that usually achieves a high degree of loyalty.