Boosting Your Brand by Acknowledging its Limitations

the-lego-movie-teaser-meet-president-business-header(, 2013)

Let us explain. Or rather, let us share our thoughts on an idea floated in a really interesting piece from this past Sunday’s

New York Times Magazine.

What Ms. Havrilesky is referring to in her article is a really fascinating development in brand messaging these days. Companies are aware of the “Advertising Hyperbole” they have used ad nauseam in the past. The idea that a bottle of shampoo could change your life, or a pair of sneakers can unite the world seems laughable out of context. But in a powerful 30 second spot, we as consumers can forget and forgive such inflation and simply connect to the feeling the product conveys.


These days, however,  one of the key standing legs of social media is to contort, twist, and generally expose the most intricate of ad campaigns. No more can companies rely on controlling the message. So what are they left to do? One solution, as discussed in the article above, is to simply acknowledge the ridiculousness of their own campaigns, thereby in a strange way, gaining BACK the trust of consumers!


Pretty brilliant, right?


Do you find yourself evaluating brands differently now than you used to? How are companies with which you have had a long relationship with altering their messages for today’s consumers? Do you see any value in this kind of self-referential brand messaging or is it simply a trend?