The Marketing of Junk Food

Rather than share the deluge of articles (from multiple POVs), we thought we’d put together a fun exercise this weekend to put some students in the driver’s seat at a major junk food company.


You have just gotten wind that the Department of Agriculture plans to limit your marketing efforts of your products to school age children. Setting aside the lobbying, negotiating, and give and take that will likely happen between industry executives and lawmakers, let’s assume your current promotional efforts will need to change.

Identify an opportunity to drive a new market.

1. Who are the customers?

2. What needs do they currently have that are being unmet?

3. What does the product you are marketing look like? It is a current brand or new? Describe it.

3. What targeting, segmenting, and positioning strategy will you adopt to reach these new consumers?


The goal here is to get creative. Allow a serious brainstorming session to occur and hone in on your idea from there. Have fun!