Email Marketers Assess “Black Friday” Impact

Now that a little bit of the dust has settled from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, its appropriate to step back and ask, “How did everyone do?”

Did consumers find value in the avalanche of deals and sales? If so, where?

Did retailers benefit from expected spikes in consumer traffic? If they did, who benefited? Did big boxes continue to lose ground to online competitors?

And putting it all together, a question that brings us to today’s blog entry:

How did seller and buyer find, engage, and do business with one another in this 2013 edition of “the busiest shopping days of the year?”

We came across some really interesting data crunched by Movable Ink, an email marketing company which boasts such recognizable clients as EA, American Eagle, and Express.

Listen Up Email Marketers: With 38% More Email Opens, Black Friday “Officially” Your Biggest Day of the Year


The article seems to highlight some of the other current, hot button marketing trends – digital, mobile, and real time marketing among others.. We remember quite a number of stories last year at this time about consumers walking into a physical store to look for an item. After checking the store price, consumers would pull out their phones and comparison shop online, right in the store! It seems as if these stories took hold in boardrooms and strategic marketing meetings and some serious adjustments were made.

Is this the beginning of a windfall for email marketers?