Believing in the “Big Box”

We know what you are thinking – what company could possibly be jumping into the big box retail market in the face of mounting evidence that consumers are doing their shopping elsewhere? Hasn’t recent history provided enough examples to deter prospective investors?

Best Buy, anyone?

The retail outfit’s struggles to adapt to changing customer spending habits are reflecting in declining profit margins and investor confidence. Even traditionally strong brands such as Target are cutting forecasts in the face of growing holiday sales competition, driven by more and more online options where deals can be had.

As Holidays Near, Retailers Fight for Sales


So it is both surprising and fascinating that there is a company willing to buck the trend and bet on the return that a “big box” can provide. That company?



Verizon Unveils Big Box “Superstores” in Bid to Reinvent Wireless Category


Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, Verizon COO Marni Walden seemed to suggest that the company sees great marketing opportunity in educating consumers and increasing engagement with Verizon’s product line.


What do you think? Is this a viable marketing strategy? Do you see an unmet need that this kind of new customer experience fulfills?

Can Verizon tap into the same zetgeist that Ron Johnson did when he led the push to develop the Apple Stores, or has that proverbial ship sailed?