Microsoft Makes Changes at the Top

images(WSJ, 2014)

Big changes announced yesterday at Microsoft, as Bill Gates relinquished his chairmanship and the company finally named its new CEO. Mr. Satya Nadella, who most recently ran the company’s enterprise unit, has been tapped to steer the software giant into an uncertain and challenging future. A great article about the announcement, including a bit of an introduction to Mr. Satya Nadella can be found on CNN Money here –

Microsoft names Nadella CEO, Gates out as Chair

As when Tim Cook took the helm at Apple, one is left to wonder where and how Microsoft will deploy its considerable resources under Mr. Nadella’s leadership. Will the company develop a new strategic effort to win back consumers? Will it push further into the Cloud and its Enterprise business? These and other possibilities are considered in a short but insightful piece from yesterday’s Marketplace.

Satya Nadella and Bill Gates: Microsoft’s Batman and Robin?

Thinking not about marketing campaigns, but rather about marketing as company strategy – where do you see the biggest upside for Microsoft? Will its value proposition change? Will its customers change?

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