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Mobile Ad Market Set to Exceed $100 Billion in 2016

The Wall Street Journal recently announced that the mobile add market is anticipated to reach $100 billion next year. For the first time, over half of the digital ad market (and about 16.5% of total advertising spending) will be attributed to mobile ads in 2016. This represents a quantum leap in the global mobile ad market of 430% from just 2013.

Heinz-Kraft Merger To Create Giant Company With Lean Marketing

The Heinz-Kraft merger announced Wednesday will form the fifth biggest food and beverage company worldwide. While the marketing budget will not take a big hit, the combined firm will implement a lean marketing strategy based on zero-based budgeting: spending money on advertising that is proven to work and generate a strong return on investment.

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“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Receives 2015 Award for Most and Worst Product Placement, While “Lego Movie” Succeeds with Strongest Product Placement Impact

Featuring 55 brands, Transformers: Age of Extinction recently won both the 2014 Award for Achievement in Product Placement in a Single Film (that is, the most product placement) and Worst Product Placement by Brandcameo. It also tied for first in Unwanted Product Placement. The Lego Movie saw greater success, winning the 2014 Award for Product Placement Impact.

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Marketing Managers Partnering with Ad Agencies Could Pose Unexpected Perils: Former Mediacom CEO Calls Attention to Ad Agency Kickbacks and Lack of Transparency

Former Mediacom CEO Jon Mandel recently presented that media agency rebates and kickbacks are widespread throughout the industry. By distributing ad money to best suit their own businesses as opposed to those of their clients, ad agencies are breaching their fiduciary duties to clients. They have been criticized for this lack of transparency.