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The Subscription Bandwagon

The relationship between brand and customer relies on the value that brands create. And marketers are always looking for ways to prove that their products and services are valuable enough to purchase. What do customers gain from my brand, and how can I show them we are worth the investment? Subscriptions allow brands to provide customers with their products and services on a regular payment and delivery schedule. Newspaper deliveries or streaming services like Netflix might come to mind when you think of subscriptions. But really, everyone from airlines to social media platforms are giving subscriptions a try.

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Service, Service, Service

Service is more prominent than ever. With more than 80% of jobs in the United States related to the service industry, quality of service is impossible to ignore. However, most companies struggle to strike a balance between service quality and cost with some notable exceptions. Known for both impeccable service and cost-effective strategies, Singapore Airlines and Southwest Airlines have discovered the secret to keeping customers happy with a sustainable cost structure.