Category: Chapter 5 – Understand Business-to-Business Markets

Hulu CEO Announces Strategy for More Focused and Competitive Brand

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins presented to 2,000 attendees at its NewFront presentation last week. The company announced its plans to created a more focused and competitive brand. Among them are to drop the “Plus” from “Hulu Plus,” stream all nine seasons of Seinfeld, and produce an array of original series in an attempt to join the ranks of its competitors Netflix and Amazon.

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Marketing Managers Partnering with Ad Agencies Could Pose Unexpected Perils: Former Mediacom CEO Calls Attention to Ad Agency Kickbacks and Lack of Transparency

Former Mediacom CEO Jon Mandel recently presented that media agency rebates and kickbacks are widespread throughout the industry. By distributing ad money to best suit their own businesses as opposed to those of their clients, ad agencies are breaching their fiduciary duties to clients. They have been criticized for this lack of transparency.

Facebook and YouTube Seek Ways to Capitalize on Super Bowl Ad Excitement: Why Join the Party When you can Host your Own?

For platforms like YouTube and Facebook opportunities to capitalize on the excitement and massive audience that surrounds the Super Bowl may both work with and against the broadcasting of the game, its halftime show, and the advertisements that fill all the spaces in between.

Microsoft Shows How Content Marketing in the Form of a Documentary Can Drive B2B Marketing Performance

Microsoft worked with two of its clients (Belgium Brewing Company and Lotus F1 Team) to develop a short-documentary highlighting how the two organizations use technology (namely Microsoft Dynamics a CRM and ERP solution) to drive performance. The documentary has won multiple awards at film festivals and has also garnered some of the more traditional marketing performance benefits for Microsoft and the other organizations involved.